Analysis of: Strategic Implications of American Millennialism
Dated: May 22, 2008

By: Major Brian L. Stuckert, U.S. Army

School of Advanced Military Studies

United States Army Command and General Staff College

Fort Leavenworth , KS 66027

Name of Responsible Person: Stefan Banach , COL , US Army

Telephone Number: (913) 758-3300

This thesis was approved by:

Timothy Challans, PhD Monograph Director

Robert Taylor, COL , MI Monograph Reader

Stefan J. Banach, COL , IN  Director, School of Advanced Military Studies

Robert F. Baumann, PH.D  Director, Graduate Degree Programs

There is nothing associated with this thesis indicating it is the sole opinion of Major Stuckert.

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All highlighted sections of this analysis were done by me for emphasis.


The Analysis  

In the very beginning, Major Stuckert opens with a direct attack on pre-millennial beliefs as being dangerous to America . He frames this thesis in really the worst possible warning against pre-millennial believers. He states these beliefs create “strategic hubris” along with “reckless international action.” He then states that military planners and strategists need understanding of millennial thought. This section follows:  

“The impact of American millennial religious ideas on U.S. Government policy will add to strategic hubris, compel increasingly reckless international action, and continue to over-commit the military in ways the Nation cannot afford. Military leaders, planners and strategists require greater awareness and understanding of American millennial thought. Millennialism has always been a feature of the American culture and has shaped not only the objectives of U.S. government policy, but also the way in which we interpret the words and actions of other actors on the international stage” Page 1, paragraph 1.


Was this thesis sent to military planners and strategists as it seems so urgent for them to know what is in this report? When I spoke with Colonel Banach, he refused to tell me how this report was used and who it was sent to within the military.

The Major continues to frame how dangerous pre-millennial thinking is for the military. He actually makes the statement that enemies could use millennialism to demoralize or terrorize the American people:  

“Military leaders and planners must recognize that, to the extent that actual and potential adversaries may analyze American millennial thought, there may be significant advantages available to the enemy.

First, millennial thought and its policy implications may create strategic transparency that affords adversaries an advantage in decision-making.

Second, an understanding of American millennial thinking may provide adversaries with the means to manipulate American policy and subsequent action.

Third, the enemy may exploit American millennialism to increase the fragility of and even disrupt coalitions.

Fourth, adversaries may exploit American millennialism to demoralize or terrorize joint forces and the American people . By recognizing these potential vulnerabilities, military leaders and planners may take action now to mitigate the effects.” Page 2, paragraph 3.  

Based on the fourth point, this report must have been rushed to the military leaders in the Pentagon because of the possibility the American army could be demoralized! Notice action must be taken NOW to mitigate the effects of millennialism! This is directly threatening to me and all believers. It appears the major is attempting to pit the military against a substantial section of the American civilian population.

Major Stuckert then claims that millennial beliefs will lead America in a misguided foreign policy that will rely on the military as an instrument of power!  

“Where contemporary American millennialism is concerned, collective anxiety over things like apocalyptic war, an Anti-Christ alive and at work somewhere on the Earth and the need to secure our eternal destiny by our own hand will lead to a misguided foreign and security policy that increasingly relies upon employment of the military instrument of power.” Page 5 paragraph 2.  

All of the above quotes have painted a direr picture of American millennialism steering America on a course to misuse the military for religious reasons! Since this report was approved by SAMS, how could it not have been forwarded for urgent action!

The report identifies the Bible as the source of pre-millennialism beliefs with the Southern and Independent Baptists along with the Pentecostals as the main adherents to this belief system. The report goes further to name some of the leaders:  

“Secular considerations notwithstanding, the single most important factor in western apocalypticism are the Bible, specifically the books of Daniel and Revelation. In the Bible and subsequent philosophical interpretations, we can trace the source of our linear, teleological view of deterministic history.12

Millennialism, and especially dispensational pre-millennialism, derives in large part from extraordinary literalism of even the most figurative passages of the Bible.” Page 6, paragraph 2,3

This influence is most pronounced within non-denominational, Southern and independent Baptist and Pentecostal churches. The phenomenon of pre-millennial ideas has successfully crossed denominational boundaries during the last three decades, owing much to the success of publishing, broadcasting and other media efforts designed to spread pre-millennialism.” Page 7 paragraph 7

“Prominent pre-millennialist writers such as Hal Lindsey, John Walvoord, Tim LaHaye, J. Dwight Pentecost, John Hagee and others assert that their philosophy about the return of Christ has always been the doctrine of the historical church.” Page 13-14.  

After stating how dangerous millennial beliefs are, the Major then identifies the source of this belief. It is apparent that, according to the writer, a literal understanding of the Bible is dangerous to America . The Major also interjects what should be taken as literal or figurative in the Bible! It is really frightening to see the army target millions of Americans as being so dangerous and then identify the leaders. This is the practice of totalitarian regimes, but NOT the United States of America ! Should the America citizens named be concerned? I think they should.

The Major uses charged political terms such as “The Christian Right” on several occasions. The use of this term clearly makes this a political document rather than any possible military analysis:  

“With a broad foundation built during post-World War II revival, the Christian right began to form as a political force after Barry Goldwater’s failed bid for the Presidency in 1964 …” Page 29 paragraph 2

“The Christian right was widely recognized as a powerful political force in 1980 when President Carter’s fellow southern evangelicals and other Christians abandoned him in favor of Ronald Reagan.(96) For many Christians, President Carter's diplomatic and military humility was the wrong approach for solving problems around the world. (97) Although not known for his own, personal religious credentials, President Reagan clearly understood the role of the religious right in his own rise to power …” Page 30 paragraph 3.  

The Army War College is studying the political support for presidents of the United States in a derogatory sense. Remember, the Major has already established that the pre-millennialists are dangerous people to the military, and now he is linking us to the support of presidents! Why would the military delve into presidential politics? Because of the dangerous pre-millennial believers who have been already described this has to be viewed as an attack on President Regan. With the warning the Major has already issued, is it possible to him that in the future the military stops a president along with “crazed pre-millennialists” trying to start some nefarious war?

What is very interesting is the authors that are quoted regarding the “Christian right.” The following is one of the authors and the title of his book. The title of the book alone seems like insubordination against President Bush, who Major Stuckert served under:  

Kaplan, Esther. With God on Their Side: How Christian Fundamentalists Trampled Science, Policy, and Democracy in George W. Bush’s White House. New York : The New Press, 2004, 71.  Page 29 Footnote.  

The report even degenerates into outright slander. Bill Moyers is quoted as saying President Bush’s election of 2004 was backed by those who support the apocalypse as being a political force. His assessment is that the invasion of Iraq was a warm up for the Book of Revelation. And, war with Islam is not to be feared but welcomed as it is an essential on the road to redemption:  

“In assessing the 2004 Presidential elections, political analyst Bill Moyers attributed President Bush’s victory to “many who have made the apocalypse a powerful driving force in modern American politics…the invasion of Iraq was for them a warm up act, predicted in the Book of Revelation…war with Islam in the Middle East is not something to be feared but welcomed – an essential conflagration on the road to redemption. (106)” Page 33 paragraph 1.  

The above statement is pure slander against pre-millennial believers. I write and speak about Armageddon. I have spoke in numerous churches, seminars, radio and TV shows for decades, and no one who I ever spoke with welcomes a war with Islam or favored the war in Iraq for being part of Armageddon. Major Stuckert is using the worst possible sources to paint this picture of crazed religious fanatics who will do anything to advance their agenda. This is intellectually and morally dishonesty on the highest level. This was written by a major for SAMS!

Major Stuckert then speculates that the American government, in the hands of pre-millennialists, will cause strategic hubris and increasingly reckless international actions. He even states there are secret communications that presidents use in thinly coded phrases to “heighten biblical resonance” with pre-millennial believers. This is done by presidents so they don’t look overly bigoted or intolerant:  

“Dispensational pre-millennialism and its attendant apocalyptic worldview will have numerous foreign policy and security implications for the United States in years to come. In general, collective anxiety over things like world-ending war, the Anti-Christ, and the need to secure our eternal destiny by our own hand will add to strategic hubris, justify increasingly reckless international action, and continue to over-commit the military in ways the Nation cannot afford. The issue is made immeasurably more difficult because we cannot seem to discuss the role of apocalypticism in foreign policy publicly. Instead, we have developed a type of civic religion where Presidents and other policy makers use thinly coded phrases to “heighten biblical resonance”136 for that portion of the population that requires it. To everyone else, the remarks seem an appropriate and normal part of how the United States government communicates. One of the challenges for any administration is how to send “these private or sub-rosa” signals to millennially-minded Christians without appearing overtly bigoted or intolerant.137 The inevitability of millennial peace through redemptive violence and an exceptional role for America have been and continue to be powerful themes running throughout the security and foreign policies of the U.S.138 Official U.S. government policy expresses these themes in a number of ways from the National seal that reads Novus Ordo Seclorum – the New Order for the Ages – or the nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile known as the Peacekeeper.” Page 43  

I have never received secretly coded messages from any president. How could a report with concepts like this ever be accepted by the United States Army Command and General College! What kind of standards does this college have? The entire credibility of the War College is questioned by allowing such a report. I see this as fantasy without the slightest thought of objective writing.

The problem is that this was written by a major for SAMS, and not a freshman at some community college. What the Major and SAMS have undertaken in this report is extremely serious for the integrity of this college and the military.

In an attempt to build this grand conspiracy of pre-millennialists taking over the American government, the Major delves into the religion of his Commander and Chief George Bush to link him to this “evil conspiracy.” The President belongs to a Methodist denomination which does not adhere to the millennialist doctrine, so a way was found to make the link:  

“In the case of President George W. Bush, his own Methodist church released a press statement shortly after his election pointing out that the new President’s views and policies had much more in common with the Southern Baptist Convention than the United Methodist Church.(162)” Page 49 paragraph 1  

The Major’s delving into his Commander and Chief’s personal religious beliefs in an attempt to link him to a religious group that wants to start World War III is one more facet of insubordination. He is trying to undercut the credibility and trustworthiness of the president. This is extremely dangerous for the military to attack the President as it could cause a serious morale problem.

Major Stuckert then widens his attack on civilian authority by focusing on John Ashcroft, the Attorney General of the United States and his stand against the United Nations. He then goes outside the pre-millennialist camp to build up his conspiracy theory by mentioning a video titled The Quiet War Against American Independence produced by Phyllis Schlafly:  

“Pre-millennial interpretations of biblical prophecy that predict the emergence of a one-world government led by an anti-Christ causes distrust and even antagonism toward organizations like the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, NAFTA and OPEC.170 Reflecting on her time as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Madeleine Albright notes that many of her efforts were frustrated because the U.N. was widely perceived as playing the denouncing the U.N.“villain’s role” as the architect of world government by many American Christians.171 Albright goes on to explain that she constantly found herself “on the defensive” and, as a functionary within the U.N., was perceived by many as “quite literally – the devil’s advocate.”172 The Christian right constantly works to undermine the U.N. One particularly noteworthy example was a videotape produced by Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum titled Global Governance: The Quiet War Against American Independence, which prominently featured future Attorney General John Ashcroft173 174” Page 53 paragraph 1  

When reading this thesis, one would think that Schlafly was a pre-millennialist. Apparently, the Major did not know that she is a Catholic. What started out as an attack against pre-millennialists has now expanded to the Catholics’ religion.

Why is the Major so upset with the millennialists’ suspicions of the United Nations and other international organizations? The UN is to be feared as it has become a forum for despots like Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It has been used to denounce the United States and the UN’s ineptitude and corruption through its history is beyond question. It seems the report is lining up behind the UN rather than with the United States and its people. Is the Major more loyal to the United Nations than to the people of the United States of America ?

The thesis continues with this theme of the millennialists’ antagonism toward the UN. The Major seems to think that the UN is a check on American power, and he claims the millennialists resent this! It appears to the Major that the UN is a good force for controlling the runaway pre-millennialist who controlled an America bent on starting Armageddon:  

“While conservatives in the U.S. sometimes resent the UN as a check on American power, pre-millennialists are generally opposed to the UN. Pre-millennialists see the U.N. not only as a dangerous check on American power as it pursues a national strategy of righteousness, but they have also come to believe that the UN will is presently evolving into a platform that will serve the cause of the Anti-Christ. Pre-millennialists especially object to UN Resolution 242, which calls for Israel to abandon the Occupied Territories .

The Bush administration has sought to undermine the U.N. and has angered many foreign diplomats in the process. In the eyes of many American Christians, President Bush’s actions to distance the U.S. from the U.N. is actually “shedding the influence of Satan himself.”175” Page 53 paragraphs 3 and 4  

A major in the United States army states that his Commander and Chief has sought to undermine the United Nations when he just linked this concept to the “evil pre-millennialists”! Who is a major in an army war college to criticize his President and then have this report pass a reviewing committee! To the Major, the United Nations is good because it checks American power, and he states the President sought to undermine it. Once more this is insubordination by this officer against civilian authority.

The Major then moves to the relationship between the United States and Russia . He states this relationship is going the wrong way because pre-millennialist’s influence has caused Americans to distrust Russia . Americans are suspicious of Russia because of Bible prophecy about Russia , and this will make it impossible to have good relations with the Russians:  

“Due to the influence of pre-millennialism, there is great distrust of Russia on the part of the U.S. The belief in a deterministic view of near-term events that make Russian military aggression inevitable understandably obviates any incentive for cooperation or partnership. This has contributed to a persistent distance and suspicion that permeates the relationship between the two powers. Because of this, it will prove difficult, if not impossible, for the U.S. relationship with Russia to evolve into one of constructive cooperation …” Page 54 paragraph 1  

All the Major had to do was ask the Georgians, Estonians, Poles, Ukrainians and a host of other nations about trusting the Russians. Vladimir Putin was a high ranking officer in the KGB and all his political opponents have been killed or eliminated. Russia is not to be trusted but held in great suspicion. The Major sees the Russians as good peace partners, but the pre-millennialist are terrible for preventing this peace. The Major adds:  

“Pre-millennialism will likely push U.S. defense policy in the wrong direction for years to come.

Beyond unnecessary defense expenditures, the lack of cooperation and partnership has far-reaching policy implications for the U.S. and the rest of the world. We will miss out on countless opportunities for meaningful cooperation between two major world powers that could contribute greatly to the resolution of problems on a global scale. For the United States , a declining agenda with Russia will sooner or later result in overextension of US resources and global disaster. Much good could result in the area of nuclear proliferation and intelligence sharing.178” Page 55 paragraph 2,3  

The Major again criticizes the civilian leadership as a tool of the pre-millennialists that could lead to a global disaster. It appears to the Major that Bible believing pre-millennial Christians are the scourge of the earth. It appears that pure evil is centered in us. That we hold back world peace and are setting the course for world turmoil. The Major then adds to this view:  

“Beyond the obvious problems of policy in the Middle East, pre-millennialism will increasingly place the U.S. at odds with nearly every major actor on the global stage. The U.N. and the E.U. are viewed with suspicion as likely platforms for Anti-Christ power and the agenda of Satan. The U.S. will continue to view both Russia and China as inevitable military threats. Pre-millennialism can support increasingly advanced weaponry in the Congress.” Page 55 paragraph 7  

Apparently, the major thinks that Russia and China are not inevitable threats, and if one thinks they are then that person is under the sway of the millennialists. Is it wrong to support advanced weaponry in Congress?

The report ends with Conclusions and Recommendations. The report states that because of pre-millennialism the American military has a difficult task of translating religiously tinged policy into successful strategy and operations:  

“There is a tendency on the part of Americans to view foreign policy and international affairs as a “clash of moral opposites.”186 This tendency may make it difficult for U.S. policy makers and strategists to perceive and act upon subtleties that may lie outside our conceptions of moral absolutes. Military leaders have the difficult task translating this religiously tinged policy into successful strategy and operations. War is primarily about politics. While geography and technology play a role, in order to be successful military leaders must be able to see the political goals as clearly as possible.187 “ Page 58 paragraph 2  

It appears that just the Major and SAMS have this problem. What is so difficult about the strategy to defeat Saddam Hussein or the Taliban? Congress declared war on Iraq and then the war was turned over to the military for prosecution. Pre-millennialism has nothing to do with strategy and operations. This is a bizarre connection between millennialism and successful military operations.

This next statement appears to be one of the most dangerous in the report. It is part of the previous quote, but it needs to be highlighted. The Major states that because of pre-millennialism military leaders have difficulty seeing the government of the United States of America accurately and policy goals objectively!  

“Because of the influence of pre-millennialism, it can be difficult for military leaders to see themselves and their government accurately and state policy goals objectively.” Page 58 paragraph 2.  

This statement is extremely unsettling. If war is declared by Congress against Iraq , did the military leaders have difficulty in seeing Congresses’ goals objectively? Placing this statement in context, is this the Major’s way of saying it would be difficult to follow orders because the Congress is perusing a millennialist agenda to the detriment of the United States ? If this is the case, this is how insubordination starts and a “Fifth Column” military cabal forms against the United States . The Major needs to explain exactly what he means by this statement.

He then states that pre-millennialism can lead to emotional and mental problems such as pessimism and paranoia.


“Pessimism and paranoia are two possible results of pre-millennial influence. This can lead to inaccurate assessments on the part of military leaders and planners. In the Capstone Concept for Joint Operations, the Joint Staff describes the near-term future as one characterized by “a pervasive sense of global insecurity.188” Page 59 paragraph 2  

The pessimism and paranoia can be seen in this report. The Major reported that pre-millennialist are receiving coded messages from the president and are engaged in a conspiracy to take over the federal government. We are preventing world peace, while using the military to lead the United States down the road to Armageddon. Millions upon millions of mindless Americans are under the influence of millennialism and do not even know it! The real paranoia seems to flow from SAMS.

He then goes on to close with a blistering attack on millennialists and America in general. The Major is fearful that pre-millennialist can breakup International coalitions and American adversaries could use pre-millennialist thinking to wreck havoc on Americans.  

“With or without the efforts of adversaries, American millennialism may increase the fragility of or even disrupt coalitions. Finally, adversaries could easily transform an understanding American pre-millennialism into a highly effective set of information operations themes and messages or psychological operations efforts to achieve a variety of results with American leadership or the population at large. By recognizing these potential vulnerabilities, American strategists can take action now to mitigate the effects.” Page 60 paragraphs 1  

He ends the report the way he began with urgent need to act now. The report suggests that American strategists act now to mitigate the effects of pre-millennialism on America . He does not offer any suggestions, but could they include suppression of these evil peoples’ Constitutional rights in an attempt to break their hold over the minds of the people?

Should the government act now with a propaganda campaign against them? What are the actions strategists should take to correct this dire situation? Should detention camps be built to contain them, if the situation should get dire? What does the Major suggest, if a president holds these views? Should the army refuse his orders?

The Major then ends by continuing this blistering attack but broadens it to Americans in general because the nation has been under the influence of millennialism. Millennialists and by extension Americans cannot clearly appraise reality:


“Judis points out that, for the same reasons, millennialism is usually “at odds with the empirical method that goes into appraising reality, based on a determination of means and ends.”192 As demonstrated by American history, millennialism has predisposed us toward stark absolutes, overly simplified dichotomies and a preference for revolutionary or cataclysmic change as opposed to gradual processes. In other words, American strategists tend to rely too much on broad generalizations, often incorrectly cast in terms of ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ and seek the fastest resolution to any conflict rather than the most thoughtful or patient one.193 ” Page 61  

It appears in the Major’s thinking it is dangerous to think in terms of “good and evil.” When the United States protected the Bosnians from the Serbs were we good and the Serbs evil? When America went into Somali to stop the slaughter of innocent civilians were the warlords good and America evil? When Saddam invaded Kuwait was the United States led coalition evil to oust him? When America broke the hold of the Taliban was that evil? America is trying to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Is that evil, and should we just let Iran develop a nuclear arsenal?


Special Attention Given to Israel .  

"Hear the word of the LORD, O nations, and declare it in the coastlands far away; say, 'He who scattered Israel will gather him, and will keep him as a shepherd keeps his flock.' For the LORD has ransomed Jacob and has redeemed him from hands too strong for him”…Thus says the LORD: "Keep your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears, for there is a reward for your work, declares the LORD, and they shall come back from the land of the enemy. There is hope for your future, declares the LORD, and your children shall come back to their own country.” Jeremiah 35:10-17 Page 27 paragraph 1.  

The report gets to the heart of the main issues with pre-millennialism and that is the State of Israel. This is one of the main focuses of this report, so I centralized the sections about Israel . The Major is correct as Israel is extremely important to pre-millennialists:  

“I will examine the interaction between World War I and the emerging ideas of pre-millennialism and the subsequent influence of this philosophy on shifting U.S. strategic attitudes. Most importantly, I will examine the import of the establishment of the state of Israel to American millennialism and subsequent security policy implications that dominate U.S. foreign relations today.” Page 3, paragraph 1.  

The thesis accurately shows the connection that pre-millennial believers make between the modern state of Israel and Bible prophecy. The report accurately describes the pre-millennial view that the rebirth of Israel is the key to Bible prophecy:  

“Pre-millennialists in America have come to agree that the establishment of the state of Israel fulfilled their interpretation of chapter 24 in the Gospel of Matthew. This passage is significant for pre-millennialists because they read it as a key to understanding the ‘end times’ that will hasten the end of the world. The passage adjures followers to watch for signs, which would include wars, rumors of wars, false Christs, and the renewal of the fig tree, which is a symbol of Israel . Most pre-millennialists believe that based on this passage, some who were alive in 1948 will live to see the Second Coming.” Page 28 paragraph 1

“At the heart of U.S. government foreign policy is the singular fact that pre-millennial dispensationalists see support of Israel as being equivalent to supporting God.” Page 44 paragraph 2

“Two motivations for support of Israel derive directly from pre-millennialism. First, pre-millennialists equate the contemporary political state of Israel with the Israel of the Old Testament and hold them to be God’s chosen people resulting in an obligation to aid them in any way possible.” Page 45 paragraph 2

“The interests of American Christians in the Temple Mount are not well understood by the rest of the world, but are perhaps the most important in terms of consequences. Dispensational pre-millennialists hold that the Temple Mount is the location where a third Jewish temple will be built as part of the complex series of events leading to Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus. Jerusalem presents a difficult problem for the United States government” Page 46 paragraph 2  

The major believes that problems between the EU and Israel will eventually have a negative impact on US and EU relations. It appears one area of conflict is the EU does not identify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. He then adds that many Europeans believe the Israeli – Palestinian conflict is the major cause of terrorism and Islamic extremism.  

Israel has difficult and complex relations with the European Union and it is likely that these same issues will eventually have a negative impact on U.S. relationships with the EU. The European Union does not identify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Many in Europe believe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the major cause of terrorism and Islamist extremism” Page 47 paragraph 2  

The Europeans built the Iraqi nuclear reactor which Israel had to destroy. They continued to trade with Iraq knowing full well what the intentions of this nation were. Even as Iran is in overdrive to build a nuclear weapon, the Europeans continue to trade with Iran knowing how dangerous this nation is. They even refuse to assist the United States with economic sanctions. The Russians are directly responsible for the Iranian nuclear program. The Europeans are the problem and not our relationship with Israel .

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that was transplanted from Iran to Lebanon . They have taken over the southern part of Lebanon and are armed for battle against Israel . Israel could potentially have good relations with Lebanon if it was not for this terrorist organization.

The problem is not with the United States , but with the Europeans helping to destabilize the Middle East . The Europeans lack integrity to deal with Israel .

The report claims that Israel obtains the greatest amount of foreign aid from the United States . The Major tries to prove that this happened because of the pre-millennial Christians in politics:  

“Perhaps more significantly, the timing of the shift in spending was at the crest renewed interest in dispensational pre-millennialism ignited by Jewish success in the Six Days and Arab-Israeli wars followed by the publication of Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth. Israel ’s position as the top recipient of American aid was unchanged through both Republican and Democrat administrations. This trend supports what we understand about the effects of dispensational pre-millennialism on the population and politics.” Page 48 paragraph 2.  

What the Major failed to understand was that Israel began to receive the large amount of aid as per agreements made by President Carter during the Camp David Peace Accords signed on March 26, 1979. Both Israel and Egypt received between $1.3 - 3 billion per year.

The aid to Israel had nothing to do with a pre-millennial control of the American government, but it had all to do with the Peace Accords. This poor understanding of history is a direct reflection on the Major and the professors who approved this thesis with such a blatant misunderstanding of history.

The report then goes on to question the military assistance:  

“The State Department’s official position is that a militarily strong Israel is in the interests of the United States . Essentially, in spite of broad consensus that Israel possesses a more than adequate military, the United States continues to go to great lengths and expense to add to Israel ’s military capacity and strengthen the military relationship between the two countries. Page 49 paragraph 2.  

This is a very puzzling statement. This is a political decision and has nothing to do with the American military. It is the President of the United States who determines the military relationship between America and Israel . This is serious when the military openly questions a political decision regarding any nation. 

The Major then takes SAMS into a political minefield with an extremely dangerous analysis of the United States ’ diplomatic relations with Israel . As an officer, he takes on both Congress and the president over Israel :  

“Millennialism is an important consideration when evaluating or implementing U.S. policy with respect to Israel or in the broader Middle East . Tenets of pre-millennialism are at odds with the U.S. official government position with respect to the Roadmap Peace Plan. It is unlikely that either a presidential administration of either party or the Congress will ever take substantive action to force implementation of the Roadmap. Page 51 paragraph 1  

Who is Major Stuckert to say the United States should FORCE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ROADMAP? Israel as a sovereign nation was attacked in 1967 by Jordan . The present situation is a direct result of this war. America is a mediator and not a bully. I wonder how Israel would respond to this statement coming from an esteemed war college in America ? This statement is beyond dangerous and shows how out of control is the Major and SAMS. Where does freedom of speech end and insubordination begin?

The major continues this attack on American diplomacy by stating millennialism may undermine US credibility in the Middle East which will lead to continual conflict. It will likely erode relations with the EU and Russia :  

“Since the U.S. is a guarantor of the Roadmap, this millennial reality may undermine U.S. credibility in foreign policy over the long-term and lead to continued conflict throughout the Middle East . Additionally, the confusing and inconsistent nature of U.S. actions will likely erode relations with the E.U., Russia and Arab nations.” Page 51 paragraph 1  

What a myopic understanding of history the major has. Pre-millennialists are against Israel dividing the land, but we are not politically preventing the fulfillment of the Roadmap to Peace. The problem has been directly with the Palestinian people. In 2000 under President Clinton, Yasser Arafat met Ehud Barak at Camp David to create a Palestinian state.

Israel agreed to Arafat’s demands except for control of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount . Arafat refused the offer and the deal fell through. Approximately six weeks later the Intifada started where waves of homicide bombers murdered hundreds of Israeli citizens.

In 2005 under pressure from President Bush, Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza . Immediately the Palestinians destroyed the massive Israeli greenhouses which the Israelis left. Then the Palestinians elected Hamas, a terrorist organization sworn to destroy Israeli, and immediately began to shell and rocket Israel .

Israel unilaterally evacuated southern Lebanon , and immediately Hezbollah moved into it and turned the area into an armed war zone. Israel has exhibited good faith time and again only to run into Palestinian terror.

The problem is not with Israel or millennialists in America . The problem is with the Palestinian people, the Europeans and Arab nations who support their actions at every turn.

The major continues this tirade against pre-millennialism by accurately identifying how dangerous Iran ’s nuclear program is towards Israel , but twists it to show that millennialists want to use the United States military against Iran rather than diplomacy:  

“The U.S. millennial proclivity for an unqualified military defense of Israel will continue to be a potential flashpoint of great import. Both the United States and Israel believe that Iran poses a credible existential to the state of Israel – especially if it is able to develop or procure a nuclear warhead. The Iranian Shahab-III missile system has to range to deliver a warhead to Israel . Ayatollah Khomeini declared the elimination of Israel to be a religious duty and current Iranian president Ahmadinejad cites him frequently when making similar statements. Because of the pre-millennial worldview, the U.S. will continue to adopt an adversarial approach to any country perceived as at odds with Israel . Since these conflicts are seen as deterministic and inevitable, there is little incentive to employ diplomacy or any other instrument of power other than the military in these situations.” Page 51 paragraph 2  

Once again the Major’s lack of understanding of world history and events is astonishing. In 1979 the Iranians attacked the United States embassy and took our diplomats hostage. America has not had diplomatic relations since. Iran is a terrorist state that sponsors Hezbollah. For over a decade, America has tried diplomacy through the United Nations to deal with Iran . America ’s “allies” in the United Nations failed to back sanctions and let this rouge nation continue to build nuclear weapons. ALL diplomacy has been tried and failed. Iran has ignored it, and continues on its collision course with Israel .

The problem rests with Iran , who refused all diplomatic avenues, and not “war mongering American millennialists” who want to start Armageddon.

The United States never intervened into a war to support Israel , yet, the Major writes in a way that it seems the United States already has:  

“While unpleasant and unpopular, military intervention in the Middle East will be seen as a Christian duty in support of Israel . In short, pre-millennialism will continue to argue for unilateral military action.” Page 55 paragraph 7  

What can be said about the above paragraph? I read this thesis in utter amazement as it seems impossible an officer in the United States Army would write it, and then it was signed off by SAMS!

I do support Israel as do all pre-millennialists, but to call for unilateral wars to defend Israel is beyond the pale. The Major wrote “Will continue to argue for unilateral military action” to defend Israel . Israel is perfectly capable of defending itself. Is the major stating that the wars with Iraq were initiated by America to defend Israel ? In both 1991 and 2003, the United States fought Iraq for US interests and not to protect Israel . The US invaded Afghanistan for our interests and not to protect Israel . This is fantasy to think the US should start a war to defend Israel .



The Military  

After studying and evaluating this thesis, one question about Major Stuckert leaps out. With such a jaded view of America , its history, and his thinking that the “present control of the government is by Pre-Millennialists,” why is he in the army and what is he defending? It is beyond comprehension that an officer in the American army could write such a thesis, and it was approved by SAMS. This report is riddled with insubordination and sense of a possible cabal, or insurrection, against civilian authority. This is not an objective analysis but a highly charged political statement using terms as “Religious Right.” It appears to be written from the “Hard Left” position. I sense that this report may have been written to marginalize and silence pre-millennial believers in the military.

There is a distinct possibility that, if Major Stuckert’s thinking is wide-spread throughout the military that a “Fifth Column” may be building against the civilian authority of the United States of America . The reason for concern about a cabal or ‘Fifth Column” is Professor Timothy L. Challans was directly involved with it. He is listed as the Director.

The review of both Professor Challans’ interview and book revealed treasonous views about America and an anti-Christian bias. Strategic Implications of American Millennialism fits directly with the thinking of Professor Challans. Major Stuckert’s thesis was signed off by Robert F. Baumann, Ph.D. and Robert Taylor and Stefan J Banach both Colonels at the School of Advanced Military Studies . If these men had any understanding of history and current events, they would never have allowed this, but they let it pass. It shows agreement with its content.

I spoke with Colonel Banach who defended this thesis based on free speech grounds. From my conversation with the colonel, I obtained the distinct impression he was in agreement with its contents.

The most dangerous reason to believe a “Fifth Column” developed are the direct statements of Professor Challans. At the end of his treasonous interview, he stated that his views are out in the open and no one questions him. If this is accepted thinking, then SAMS definitely is fertile ground for a cabal. This is what he said during his interview:  

The feedback has been positive, from students and colleagues. Nobody has approached me to challenge me on anything I've said. I think the time is right for a moral dialogue of the sort I'm trying to carry out, one that can be critical enough to help us better understand where we've been, what we're doing, and where we're going.  

At the end of Professor Challans’ book he claims to have guarded optimism because of the graduates from the School of Advanced Military Studies ! He even mentions a Colonel Kevin Benson by name! He writes a blatantly anti-American book full of error and treasonous concepts and then is optimistic because of the students who have gone through the School of Advanced Military Studies ! He even wants to open channels so officers can “speak out, disobey, walk away, resign in protest” against orders:  

“I end with guarded optimism, for the warrior is awakening. Some warriors are beginning to think about war and morality in a serious way. Some are even thinking about means and ends in a more intellectually robust way. For example, planners who were involved in the current war in Iraq, who had been graduates of the School of Advanced Military Studies, such as Colonel Kevin Benson, had done some serious planning for the phase of the operation after the kinetic phase” Page 185 paragraph 2

“But since the days of invincible ignorance are gone (the medieval separation between the political and military spheres), we need a revolution in discourse so there are legitimate avenues of public reason and disagreement, dissent, and disobedience within the war machine. We need a healthier culture so that people know when and where they can speak out, disobey, walk away, or even resign in protest.” Page 185-86  

Prior to November 2009, no American would believe that a major was giving an Islamic Jihadist PowerPoint presentation to military personnel. He was reported, but the military authorities failed to take action. This resulted in the death of 13 American soldiers and dozens wounded. The warnings signs were there, but the military refused to act until it was too late.

I presented this detailed documentation to show that there is a serious problem with treason and insubordination at the School of Advanced Military Studies . All the warning signs are there. Major Stuckert wanted immediate action to deal with the dangers of pre-millennialists using the American army to bring about Armageddon. It is very apparent that IMMEDIATE action is needed to bring the School of Advanced Military Studies under control and maybe other war colleges including the military academies.



It is very obvious that Major Stuckert has a good understanding of the pre-millennial belief system. His following of history from the early church until today is rather good except for some negative twists. He has clearly shown that pre-millennial doctrine was not recently contrived, but established in history.

He shows how pre-millennialism came to the forefront after the Civil War and how the prophecies in the Bible about the rebirth of Israel, a one world government, and Russia as a world power were preached long before it came to pass.

This report accurately showed this, and yet the Major attacks the authority of the Bible. Strategic Implications of American Millennialism, in a rather strange way, is a testament to the authority of the Bible through fulfilled prophecy. The reason a report like this could be written is that Bible prophecy is relevant to the current world situation! The Major clearly showed in this report, by the accurate use of Scriptures, that the Bible is very relevant for today. The problem then is that the Major and the staff at SAMS do not believe that Bible, and thus this thesis was written in total unbelief of the Bible.

There is no nation on earth like Israel . This nation was first destroyed in 2600 BC by the Babylonians, but the Jews returned to land and rebuilt Jerusalem and their center of worship, the temple. Some 600 years later in 70 AD, the Romans once again destroyed Israel , Jerusalem and the temple. Their country was destroyed along with the temple. They were scattered throughout the world for centuries with millions eventually settling in the United States . America has been a great blessing to the Jewish people, and thus blessed by the Holy God of Israel.

The ancient Hebrew prophets wrote of dispersion and restoration of the Jewish people and Major Stuckert used wonderful Bible verses to show this. I quote the major:  

"Hear the word of the LORD, O nations, and declare it in the coastlands far away; say, 'He who scattered Israel will gather him, and will keep him as a shepherd keeps his flock.' For the LORD has ransomed Jacob and has redeemed him from hands too strong for him”…Thus says the LORD: "Keep your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears, for there is a reward for your work, declares the LORD, and they shall come back from the land of the enemy. There is hope for your future, declares the LORD, and your children shall come back to their own country.” Jeremiah 35:10-17 Page 27 paragraph 1.  

Coinciding with the rebirth of Israel was the rise of Russia as a world power. The Russian bear is not dead, as recent events show that the Russian military is alive and ready for war. Russia is aligned with Persia ( Iran ) just as the ancient Hebrew prophet wrote. The major accurately used Ezekiel 38 to show this. The United Nations is a form of a world government just as the prophets wrote. What the pre-millennialists preached for 150 years is now reality.

The problem with this report is the major does not understand how prophecy is going to come to pass. Almost all pre-millennialist writers and preaches believe that America is no longer a world power at the time of the great battle between Russian and Israel and the final battle of Armageddon. In both battles, the Bible states that it is the Holy God of Israel who defends his people Israel and destroys these massive armies. A nation fitting the description of America is not mentioned.

At the battle of Armageddon, it is the presence of Jesus Christ at His Second Coming that destroys this massive army. I hope that United States army is not at this battle. This is what the Bibles states is going to happen:  

Zechariah 14:12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.  

Pre-millennialist believers do not want to start unilateral wars to save Israel or wars to start Armageddon. We do not believe the American army is in Iraq to defend Israel from Russian or China . This is a gross misunderstanding of Bible prophecy on the part of Major Stuckert, which has led to this vicious maligning of pre-millennialists.

The major was correct in showing that pre-millennial believers support the nation of Israel . I do hope that Americans remains allied with Israel and not become like the Europeans. In doing so, America will secure the blessings of the Holy God of Israel.

I already mentioned that in a rather strange way this report gives validity to the authority of Bible as God’s word. The major does write about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ which is a significant part of the Gospel. This report contains enough truth that a neutral observer could see how relevant Bible prophecy is. Because of the scriptures that were used and Second Coming of the Lord Jesus was articulated, I have to end the way I think the Apostle Paul would:  

Philippians 1:15 Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will: (16) The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely … (18) … whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.




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