The Book of Ruth by J. Darline Peipman

After over ten years of research and many hours of memorizing scriptures and pondering over what each word meant in Ruth's day, J. Darline Peipman produces insightful, comprehensive, and compelling works in her Book of Ruth –Line by Line, and Book of Ruth –Precept upon Precept. Her research took her far back to the earliest known commentaries from the 1600's, rare book collections, and further back to the original Hebrew words of Ruth's time three thousand years ago.

Like an archeologist brushing away the dusts of antiquity and unearthing the real structure, J. Darline Peipman brings to life, in these two books, the treasures of faith and everyday life to be found in the Old Testament's Hebrew village of Bethlehem. She describes family, community, elders, women, and aspects of their legal and real estate procedures, occurring over three thousand years ago.

"This is the closest picture we have, in the Bible, of ancient Hebrew daily life and it is found in the Biblical book of Ruth. J. Darline Peipman, by studying the classical literature and the original Hebrew meanings, has whisked away the dusts that clouded the real personal characteristics and messages from the book of Ruth and she has painted a truer picture of the personalities of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz," writes one reviewer.

"Ruth was never a loose woman, nor was Naomi ever a bitter old woman as many male writers throughout the ages have depicted. Boaz was the quintessential kinsman redeemer whose personality a thousand years before, foreshadowed the very character of The Lord Jesus Christ," says the author, of this series of books, on the Biblical book of Ruth.

In times like these we need encouragement and examples for daily living that are tried and true. The Biblical books of Ruth that J Darline Peipman writes about contains just those secrets for life during hard times!

Delight in this comprehensive series and enjoy a well established favorite book of the Bible with greater understanding. There are unfathomable depths beneath the surface of this deceptively simple love story and they are discovered as we re-examine minutely the phrases and individual words of the story of Ruth. Many of the commentators on the Book of Ruth have not come to the same conclusions, nor do they unfold the universal precepts that this author shares from the perennially read story of Ruth.

School teacher, journalist, missionary, home school instructor for 17 years, mother and wife; Janice completed her English degree at Stonybrook University , NY and now lives on Long Island leading Bible studies and enjoys writing, woodworking and gourmet cooking.

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